Throughout his career, Ian Mitchell has brought joy and happiness to untold millions. His musical and show business achievements are astounding. Nothing like the Bay City Rollers had emerged since the Beatles, and nothing has emerged like them since. The level of hysteria aroused in their fans was incredible. 

The Bay City Rollers had die hard tartan-clad devotees in the U.S. just like they did in the rest of the world. They performed on all the major television programs of the day, and were even hosts of their own NBC-TV series, which is now being shown in syndication.

When his career with the Bay City Rollers concluded, it was followed by performing with a short lived band, ROSETTA STONE, that would gain notoriety in Canada, Europe and the Far East, eventually accumulating two gold disks and his own variety show with the BBC-London. Additionally, THE IAN MITCHELL BAND" had Japan and UK success in the 1980's before it’s demise. He then continued performing Bay City Roller's hits throughout the world at concerts, nightclubs, casinos, fairs and festivals, including a reunion tour with the Rollers in 1985 in Europe and the Far East.

Ian continues to make new fans with his non-stop combination of hits, both new and old, featuring some of the most powerful back-up bands on the road, but has consistently kept a worldwide following of original Bay City Roller fans, and still receives fan mail daily. 

The success of the Rollers proved that Rollermania is still alive and well. The Ian Mitchell Message Board is one of the most popular boards on and numerous Roller sites exist on the Internet. 

Moving into the millennium, Ian's ambition is to provide the world with excitement as he performs the pop hits of the Bay City Rollers as well as other 70's artists. He wants to make every night, a SATURDAY NIGHT.